Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Twigs

This is an image of the twiggy trees out my window, done in markers in my illustrated 2005 journal. If I were to do another study of those same trees out that same window, it would look exactly the same as this one 4 years ago. Therefore if I show you art from the archive, I don't have to feel too guilty about not giving you totally fresh art like those other more active sketchers on the blogs I've cited above. Does that make any sense? It's all my art. If I didn't date it, you might never know if it was done in 1989 or 1999 or yesterday. 

In a stunning example of the perversity of Photoshop, tonight when I activated it, I found that it had "lost" all my custom brushes which I had carefully developed and maintained over the last years. Why? I ask you. Why?? Because it's Photoshop, would be the answer, and not even running on a worshipful iMac prevented this. Now I have to collect and modify 'em all over again. Rats.

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emikk said...

As Janice Joplin once said "It's all the same f-----g day, man."