Sunday, January 18, 2009

Julian May Fantasy Battle

I have been a big fan of Julian May's "Pliocene" and "Milieu" fantasy series since their appearance in the late 80s and early 90s. I admit that I borrowed a lot of ideas from May's world and stories. May uses psychic powers in her imaginary world, too (she calls them "metapsychic" powers) but at a much higher and more spectacular level than what I do. Her empowered characters are almost like superheroes in the amount of energy they use. And she has a lot of lavish costuming and special effects, which makes it fun to illustrate the books. This one above was done in August 1991, and depicts a grand battle between two of the most powerful characters. Dimensions are 17" x 28", acrylic on illustration board. The original is currently in a private collection in Philadelphia. My Noantri don't do stuff like this, except in their movies and other entertainments. 

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andrewelovejr said...

Very nice, Pyracantha. Makes me want to reread the books.

See you at Balticon