Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keilian Guide

The Keilians are one of the ethnicities of the Noantri people in my imaginary world. Though the general technological level of Noantri New Earth is relatively high, most Keilians choose to live in a low-technology society, equivalent to our pre-industrial level. They live in tribes and clans, mostly herding and agricultural, though they are also skilled in crafts. They trade with the higher-tech societies, selling the products of their work, but don't want to mingle with them except at festivals. Keilians are also excellent hunters and fishers, and are at home in the wilderness.

Keilians will also hire themselves out as guides for those who want a wilderness adventure, hunting and fishing the old-fashioned way. Anyone who wanders into the mountains without a local guide team is in great danger, not only from wild beasts but from tribal Keilians who will not hesitate to kill an intruder into their territory.

This young man, probably less than 20 years old, is a typical member of a Keilian guide team. In the mountains, he will also be equipped with a rifle and survival gear. He is also trained in what might be called "woods telepathy," able to mentally detect and signal game, other living beings, and men in the forests.

Photoshop, 7" x 10", December 15, 2011. I'm trying to do character portraits in the style of the power professionals such as "Massive Black." I am far from being at their level.

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Joel said...

Love the expression on his face. Coming along nicely Alto. :)