Monday, December 12, 2011

You Can Win

In the studio I'm involved with a couple of big projects that do not generate by-products, so I continue to show you either vintage art from my transcriptions, or signage from Trader Joe's. This one is pretty clear. It's done in a retro "carnival" or "comic book" style, accented with a blue and white striped banner with gold accents. The blue and white stripes are taken from the flag of Uruguay, along with the gold accent similar to the Uruguayan flag's sun disc. Why Uruguay? Because I liked the colors, needed a striped banner to catch people's attention, and didn't want to use the all-American red and white stripes just to sell shopping bags. Not that there's anything un-American about selling stuff. Thanks for bringing your own bags...remember to sign up for the raffle!

Spray paint and acrylic markers on Masonite, about 2 feet square, December 11, 2011.

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