Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snow Falling on Bagels

Decorations for the Winter Holiday Season demand that I be "traditional," and depict snow, evergreens, gifts, bright ornaments, candles, snowmen, sleighs, angels, elves, and other stuff in an endless parade of cliche's. I'd love to do something radical and different, but the retail world can not risk "radical and different." Similarly in the bagel and sandwich shop; I need to stay within the holiday boundaries lest the clients get disturbed. But if I must be within the boundaries, I might as well make pretty traditional images, hence the wreathlike evergreen boughs twinkling with frost and snowflakes. We'll get some real frost and snowflakes soon enough (that October blast was a freaky occurrence).

If you would like to see what I would do for a "radical and different" Winter Holiday theme, then fantasize how I could decorate a New Age book and gift store, or a chic Vegan restaurant, or some other hipster business that might have a more adventurous clientele.

Chalk ink markers on black-painted Masonite board, about 30" x 20", December 7, 2011.


Rae Trigg said...

I'd love to see what you'd come up with for non-traditional winter illustrations. Maybe you could post a few?

Tristan Alexander said...

Snow falling on bagels sounds like a hiku!

sally said...

I'm with Rae here - show us what some of the non-traditional images. It's not as if you didn't have a world of metaphor to choose from