Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Snowflake of Metatron

I send out Christmas cards every year which I design myself. Sometimes I actually paint them all but nowadays with the restraints on my available time I use a digital design. In fact my first digitally designed Christmas card was back in 1992. I use a different "theme" color each year, which I will work with in the upcoming year. Thus, my "theme color" for 2012 will be a sky blue like the one you see in this image. The "snowflake" is an interpretation of an esoteric diagram called the "Cube of Metatron." Metatron is a powerful Angel in esoteric lore who protects the earth. I will be using this color scheme and the Cube in a large painting which I hope to finish by late winter.

"The Snowflake of Metatron" is made in Photoshop, 4" x 6", December 2011.

For my readers who celebrate this holiday, may you all have a joyous, light-filled Christmas time. For my other readers, happy Solstice! The days are now getting longer.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Very nice design, happy holidays!