Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Dragons Suck

Most fantasy artists depict dragons sooner or later. In fact a dragon, along with the scantily clad babe or the brawny barbarian, is kind of a touchstone of how good (or how conventional and commercially successful) your fantasy art is. You have seen many poor representations of dragons attempted by me in my recent "vintage" posts. I might as well admit it: my dragons suck. No matter how I try to do a good picture of a dragon, someone else's dragon will be better. High school kids do better pictures of dragons than I do. But I am determined.

It's kind of sad that I want to improve my ability to draw and paint dragons. Shouldn't I have "graduated" to fine arts and stayed there, making serious and unsellable geometric abstractions? No, for me the challenge is dragons. Not killing them, but depicting them in a respectful and at the same time exciting manner. I have many books of dragon art. Some of these books have step-by-step instructions on how to draw dragons. Some of them even have standard prototypes which you are invited to copy. How easy is that? More art than you think is just some artist carefully copying some image source which you don't see.

So I drew some dragons tonight. Just for doodles, you understand. And soda cans were involved, for some reason. You see? My dragons suck. Through straws.

Photoshop Doodle, digital "inking," December 13, 2011.

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