Sunday, September 9, 2012

After the Storm

When my friends and I reached Otium Cellars for our Saturday wining, dark grey clouds were already moving into the area. A few minutes later, rain started and soon it exploded into a furious deluge. While we and other folks sat inside enjoying our wine and snacks, the water poured and poured. But in a half hour or so, it had subsided and we could go out into the soaked outdoor areas. I sat on a wet wooden bench to do this iPad sketch of the countryside. The departing clouds swirl overhead while other clouds drift over the blue hills. I love the texture "brushes" for depicting trees. The horses were still safely inside their stalls, but the rain delayed the grape harvest. I placed five of my vineyard and countryside paintings in the tasting room, invited by the family who runs Otium. I hope the wine sippers like (and buy) them.

"Art Studio" app on iPad, September 8, 2012.
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