Saturday, September 8, 2012

Game Character Admiral

I have done a lot of gaming character art, though it is not in the same style as modern digital game art such as you find on "CGHub." This one was done for a game created by a friend of mine (who was also my math tutor). The game was situated in an imaginary Renaissance-style world and concentrated more on political intrigue than hacking and slashing. This character was a "non-player" character, that is, your characters could interact with him but he could not be played as an arbitrary character himself. I enjoyed finding just the right costume for the Admiral.

I drew the image in traditional pen and ink and then colored it in Painter 7, a program I no longer have. I do have Painter 9, but since Corel Painter is now up to number 12, I don't know whether this older version is still usable. 

I miss doing fantasy characters like this one. Seems that my current work is all buildings and landscapes. I have some fantasy characters in mind though and they will have nothing to do with role-playing games. They will be done in this style and I think that Photoshop will work just as well for colorizing them.

Admiral Olana portrait is ink on Bristol board colorized in Painter 7, 4" x 5", March 2003.

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