Monday, September 3, 2012

Everlasting Sunshine

When I saw this container of "body wash" I had to have it. The title of the product is "Everlasting Sunshine," which set off my yearning for a world where summer would never end. Somewhere there is a peaceful place where it is summer all year round and snow never falls. I would like it to be in the USA so I wouldn't have to leave the country to move there. But I think that the Summerland of Body Wash is more like a spiritual state, an eschatological dream where clean washed souls go after the travails of earthly life. I can dream of a flowery Summerland, with the Blue Ridge mountains as the backdrop, where the wine of heaven is served. But in reality September is here and I will have to face the oncoming darkness of autumn and winter. 

Here is a Photoshop skyscape for you:

Photoshop, 10" x 7", September 2, 2012.

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emikk said...

gotta like this one!