Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Skies 2012

Autumn comes to my work break and my bleak urban environment. This is a scene a few days ago, as twilight clouds swirled over the few trees bordering the big highway. The leaves are turning a greyish-yellow. I have been looking at this same line of trees for more than 20 years. 

I would like to make fantasy pictures instead of reality pictures on my work breaks. I will not do portraits of Dumpsters, I just can't stand the prospect of it. I have no more than 25 minutes to create something. I want more than dragons. I am sure that many of you are bored with this. I have to promise myself that I will do a fantasy picture rather than a drawing of someone's immense SUV. My ghod those cars are big. They don't even fit in the parking spaces. I already turned one into a creature some time ago. Fantasy pictures tend to take longer than reality pictures though and my work break is only half an hour. I continue to suck at time management.

"Art Studio" app on iPad, September 2012.

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