Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Pin-up Attempt

I really shouldn't be posting this, but I promised a friend that I'd try another pin-up girl on the By-Product. I know you handful of viewers are used to a certain level of quality even from by-products. But even when I am following a photo-model I am in a sorry state when attempting to make a pin-up out of her. I'm drawing it all on my Wacom tablet, which often escapes my control with its slippery plastic. Couldn't they figure out a way to give the stylus more resistance, so it resembles a pencil on paper more? Also, I am uncomfortably leaning on my left arm while working on my computer, and my left hand hovers over the keyboard to tap key commands. But my fingers under pressure often type unwanted commands (especially the letter "d" which turns any color I'm using to black). This little mini Mac keyboard is also annoying as it often repeats letters in response to my clumsy typing.


I'm gonna have to work on my digital figure painting of pin-up girls and of people in general. Right now any Korean high school kid can paint digital people and characters better than I can. I'm gonna find some online tutorial resources or DVD-based workshops that might give me some pin-up and digital figure skills. Until then I will not embarrass myself again by posting rubbish attempts on the By-Product.

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Jim Trigg said...

Pyra, this is not rubbish. I couldn't do 1/10 as well -- I really like this.