Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn Wine Village

I returned to the "Village Winery" on "Wine Saturday" and again partook of their unusual and delicious fruit and berry wines. I took a glass of their apple/raspberry/elderberry wine, nicknamed "Triple Threat," out into the sunlight and did some iPaddery. The windowless building is an air-conditioned wine barrel room, where the fermentation and aging take place. There is autumn gold at the Village, and fresh green grassy meadows where families played and ate, and in an enclosure were Blossom the cow and a number of goats. Cats played around the old barn and out back in the coop were a flock of chickens, from whom the Village gets eggs to sell. It was a rural paradise, almost unreal in its brilliance. 

The management of the Village is trying a recent trend in wine packaging: they are selling their wines now in 3-liter boxes. The wine is in an airtight plastic sac inside the cardboard box, and it is poured through a spigot. According to the winemaker, the wine will not spoil even over weeks or even a month or so, because the air is kept out of the sac assembly. And with the cheaper packaging, you get more wine for less money. I bought a box of their apple wine and I will see just how well it is preserved as I consume it.

Village Winery scene is done on ArtStudio for iPad, with some work done on Photoshop in the studio. October 20, 2012.

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