Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random iPaddery from Massachusetts

Sitting in my parents' dingy living room with an iPad in my hand, I will draw anything I see. Here is a study of the door at night time, and the orange folds of my jacket draped over a couch. I'm trying to learn not only the "straight-line mode" for drawing architectural elements, but also to render fabric. I need to know how to depict fabric to clothe my fantasy characters in. Next picture I did somewhat better in the fabric depiction.
As winter closes in I will be doing more fabric and interior studies on the iPad. These are done in ArtStudio, which remains my favorite art app. I'm also pleased that my laptop running Photoshop is doing well with my portable Wacom "Bamboo" tablet.

I am almost done here in Massachusetts and will now drive into the storm, hoping to weather it out in New Jersey using a hotel as a refuge.

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