Tuesday, October 2, 2012

City in the Desert

This was my work break doodle for Monday afternoon. I was experimenting with a square digital "brush" which is convenient for architectural drawing. It was a wet, grey day at the beginning of fall but I came up with a city in evening sunlight in the warm desert. I suppose it could be Tucson, Arizona but it is more likely a place in my imaginary world of Noantri. You can see some water in the center of this oasis town, as well as a highway that leads into the city. I'd like to visit Arizona someday. I can visit Noantriworld anytime I want.

"Art Studio" on the iPad, October 1, 2012.


MKS said...

I really like this one, so evocative. I think your stylized citiscapes are almost always among my favorites of the things you post. I was in Phoenix lately, though, and this looks much more attractive than the real thing, to me.

MKS said...

BTW, I signed in under a different google account than I normally use -- I think my previous comments have shown up as "Mary" rather than "MKS." In case you're wondering who that is.