Saturday, August 29, 2015

Barren Ridge

I can't resist these Blue Ridge vistas. Look at the brilliant blue of those distant hills. I could sit on this deck for hours watching clouds go by. And look at that big meadow. Not a gas station or McDonalds to be seen! Have a sip of Barren Ridge wine. Of course the place is anything but barren, there are plenty of grapevines and they are loaded with grapes right now. Harvest begins in a week or two. I enjoyed their "Red Barren" blend. This spot here is one of the finest views I've seen from any winery in Virginia. 

Brown ink and colored pencil on sketchbook page, with some wicked Photoshop enhancements, 8" x 11", August 21, 2015. Click for a larger version of this jaw-dropping view. You'll never believe what wine can do for....

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Mike said...

I see what you did there. ;)