Thursday, August 13, 2015

Inn on Poplar Hill illustrated map

I go to the Inn on Poplar Hill every August for vacation days. It is one of the sweetest places I've ever stayed at anywhere. The people are friendlier than family and the breakfast foods even entice me to come downstairs in the morning. It is also a great place as a base for winery expeditions.

The Inn has a lot of acreage consisting mostly of wide green lawns and forest trails. Along the way on these trails are little places you can stop and swing on a hammock or watch birds and frogs or even have a picnic by a fire pit. 

The owners have enjoyed my art for many years and some time ago they asked whether I could create an illustrated site plan for them, which they would print up as part of their brochures. This is to guide people who are wandering around in the woods but it would also be a souvenir of the Inn. I have finally finished this map and you see it above. 

They gave me a hand-drawn map to use as an example, pen lines over a printout from Google Maps. I can't guarantee a high degree of accuracy for this trail map, since the trails were not visible on the printout. I hope it will act at least as a suggestion on where to go on the estate. I have walked most of these trails and gotten lost many times.

The Inn itself is a farmhouse from the 1890s and the rooms are all decorated in sort-of-Victorian comfort. I drew a little picture of the house inside the circle to the left of center. 
Here is a close-up of it:

Last year they said they would grow some hops plants, brew their own beer, and serve it to guests in a newly built Beer Garden. I don't know whether they actually did this, but I put it in anyway. I'll be at the Inn next week and will find out.

Poplar Hill site plan is watercolor and gouache and ink on illustration board, 18" x 14 1/2", August 2015.

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