Sunday, August 30, 2015

Draw Model 1975

I thought I didn't have much formal art training but after looking back in dozens of old sketchbooks I guess I have. I did lots and lots of life drawing from models. Many of these are in pencil and the paper has faded and yellowed so this image is as good as I can get from the archives. It was a perspective challenge too since the model is sticking her hand out toward me and I see her head first. I think this is a nice drawing for student work and I wonder if I could do so well nowadays. 

Pencil on sketchbook page, about 5" x 6", 1975. 

This 1975 sketchbook also contains a copy of a letter dated April 29, 1975, by Marver Bernstein, then-president of Brandeis University, requesting that students stop occupying Pearlman Hall in a protest about, uh, something about a "transitional year program" for "minorities." As I remember, every year in springtime students would get all outraged about something, and they would do political action which involved taking over an administration building and partying a lot. Pearlman Hall was the sociology department and they would always support the student cause.

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