Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Vines at Winding Road

The cumulus clouds were billowing over the green and gold fields as I visited my "home" winery, "Winding Road Cellars." I delivered to them a framed painting of mine for their wall, and more of my "Earthly Paradise" wine books which had sold out! While I was there, a wine aficionado bought two of them and claimed she had visited every winery in the book. Well I was highly pleased by this and took my wine and went out onto their peaceful quiet wooden deck and did this work of iPaddery for the next wine art book collection. This depicts the back area of Winding Road and their pond. To the right is a section of their newest vineyard planted with young vines and protected from voracious deer by a high fence. Everyone is so nice at Winding Road, I keep going back there, and of course I continue to appreciate their spicy red Chambourcin.

"ArtStudio" app on iPad, with more work on Photoshop in the studio. I love the leaf and grass textures on ArtStudio. August 1, 2015.

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