Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rabbit Hole Circuit

This is one of my first built electronic circuits. I built it according to the instructions in a very cute and helpful book of projects called "Circuit Sticker Sketchbook" by an MIT engineer named Jie Qi. The book came bundled with the supplies you need to build the projects, in a kit called "Chibitronics." You get copper tape, sticky LED units, round coin-like batteries, and sensor foil, and a couple of ordinary metal clips to hold the batteries and paper together. 

This kit was designed for kids and for other learners including myself. As many of you know, I've always wanted to become an electronic tinkerer and builder, ever since I helped my father work on tape recorders back in my high school days. I never learned enough, never did much, and over the years I lost track of my technological ambitions. Besides in my day girls didn't do that stuff, or I never saw girls doing technology, even when I was busy turning knobs on electronic music synthesizers which are still masterpieces of tech.

My technological friends have often given me kits and books and opportunities to start learning electronics, but I have been too timid to use them. I am always afraid I am going to break or lose something expensive. "Chibitronics" bypasses that fear because nothing in the book is intrinsically valuable or fragile. And the author Jie Qi joined the paper circuit projects together with sketchbook space and drawing prompts, something made for a tech-fearing artist like me. So after I built the circuit I put in the drawing, the electro-rabbits living in their hole illuminated by a white LED that goes on when you put the battery into the circuit and fold down the paper corner, making the connection. I intend to do all the Chibitronics projects and fill the book with sketches of animals and creatures. Engineering, starting one page at a time.

"Chibitronics," pen and copper circuit tape, 5" x 6", August 14, 2015.

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