Monday, March 9, 2009

The Boys of Darkover

Oh, no, not another Darkover picture!? I painted scads of them during the '80s. This one was for a Gay friend who loved Darkover and commissioned me to paint numerous pictures of his favorite pair of gay lover characters, Regis Hastur and Danilo. I painted them in various decorous or dramatic (but not X-rated) poses, all in the romantic red light of Darkover. Note that Regis, the red-haired boy, has six fingers. This was a feature of a few Darkovan characters, and was the result of interbreeding between humanoid six-fingered native Darkovans and the human settlers. The native Darkovans had lots of psychic powers and so did the Celtic-descended human immigrants, so that's where the psi elements came from. Back in the 80s everything Celtic was the coolest thing in fantasy, just like everything Japanese nowadays. 

"The Boys of Hastur," acrylic on illustration board, 14" x 15", fall 1985. 

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