Saturday, March 14, 2009

Industrial Winter

Another Photoshop effort, using straight-line and circle drawing tools plus some texture "brushes." I create custom brushes (pixel applicators) in Photoshop but every so often, Photoshop CS2 reverts to its "default" state and forgets all my customized tools so I have to remember to save them as preset files. I was trying for a grim "industrial" look here. Seems like wherever I look in the media world artists are making grim, dark, brutal, horrific statements, whether in film, images, music, theater, even fashion. I am wondering whether I have to make my art "dark" as well. 


emikk said...

doesn't seem like a good spot to go for a vacation!

Tristan Alexander said...

Industrial AND digitally done...hmm, not apealing to me. As for the Dark part, that can be fun to do once in a while but you don't have to do it to be popular or sell. But I would love to see something dark from you sometime. Some of your older architectural Darkover pictures had a dark moodiness to them that you could do.