Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The old computer will find a new home

I gave my old computer away today. It had been sitting, abandoned in place, for about 2 years, replaced by my noble white iMac. It was a PC, a Dell 8300, which was well-equipped in 2003. I got plenty of use out of it in its active time with me, which extended from fall 2003 to spring 2007. This drawing shows it in my studio, with a cable modem on top of it, and two clip art reference books on either side of it.

 Just recently a knowledgeable friend helped me remove all my files from the Dell's hard drive and erase its memory. Then it went into my car for transport. It will be going to a school where a grateful student who can not afford a computer will adopt it. It will have no memory of its time with me, cranking out graphics files and blog entries. My iMac has the old memories now, wondering why he is thinking of CorelDraw and my bygone blog ELECTRON BLUE, and why he sometimes wants to run Word for Windows when there is no such thing in MacWorld. I would like to give a Mac the vapors sometime. See how it feels to run Windows. Yes, I realize there is an option to give this Mac the ability to run Windows operating system, but that would insult his dignity. Macs must be deferred to, they are not just workmen in the cybertrenches.

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emikk said...

tell me about it! I'm setting up an imac and having a lotta trouble, photoshop won't load, the list goes on and I can't right click anything...I hear ya!