Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Interior of a Copy Machine

While I was waiting for copies to be made at the copy center of a well-known office supply store, I saw this machine opened up for servicing. Its complex sculptural details fascinated me and I did this sketch. The plastic door opens to the left and the works slide out, including the four circular (cylindrical) toner packs which you see at the center. They are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. In my opinion the color copy machine is one of the triumphant inventions of modern technology. A large amount of my work depends on color copies. If the machine didn't cost a fortune (more than a car) and if it were smaller, I'd probably buy one. There are smaller laser color copiers that don't cost too much but they do not print on thick paper, which is necessary for quality prints. I am in the market for a new high-quality printer which can handle all my printing needs in the home studio, but am not ready to commit the bucks to it. The economists tell us to spend money to end the recession, but I'm not willing to do my civic duty just yet.


Mary said...

This is cool. There's something about free hand drawings of machines (as opposed to autoCAD or even straight ruled drafting table drawings) that is very appealing to me.

Tristan Alexander said...

You should get what I have, an HP Photosmart Pro B9100. It prints profesional quality, waterproof art quality prints. It can do up to 13 x 19 and can print on thik paper, even on canvas. It costs about $800 and cartridges cost about $30 each, but it does amazing quality prints. It is what I am useing to print my Tarot. And while you have to order the cartridges when you need them, they are shipped like, next day, so you get them fast.

justin albert said...

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