Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Library of Eridu

Here you go, LauraJ, a palm tree. This is a side view of the Great Library of Eridu, which was one of the first Noantri places I ever "visited." There's a lot more to be seen in Eridu, which is located where Iraq is in our world. This drawing is part of a series of Noantri images which will eventually find their way into a graphics and text compilation. I am touched and honored that some people do read this Blog. Even more gladdened that someone actually is interested in NoantriWorld. It is my fond hope that someday I will create something that people will remember and "visit" for themselves through my work. Thanks for reading and appreciating.

As for larger pictures: the big sign images that I put up on this Blog are taken on my digital camera, a tiny Casio Exilim. The images are then downloaded and processed in Photoshop. For art which is smaller but cannot fit on the scanner, I will scan the art in sections and then "stitch" them together using the "Photomerge" program in Photoshop. 


LauraJ said...

I LIKE the palm tree. Are there Noantri gardeners?

I think of you whenever I hear about Syracuse in Sicily (not the snowy NY one).

Pyracantha said...

LauraJ: The Noantri have many long traditions of gardening, especially among the ethnicities who have preserved their history such as the Khemaru, Lords of Memory, and Aurians. I hope to show some of these gardens sometime.