Tuesday, March 3, 2009


There was a snowfall in my neighborhood and all over the East Coast on March 2. This was the first real storm of this winter though even without storms it has seemed like a long, cold, dreary season. I did this study of an earlier snowfall in my 2005 sketch journal. Done with markers in the journal, about 3" x 4". I liked how the snow-filled air made all the colors pale and greyish. I am lucky to be inside in a warm place tonight.

I haven't had any comments on this blog for a long time. I hope that someone is still out there looking at it. It is almost a year now since I started "Art By-Products" and I want to continue it.


Mike said...

Don't worry, there's still people reading and enjoying your art. :) Just because one doesn't comment, doesn't mean they don't enjoy your work. Personally, I usually don't have anything relevant to add or say, hence why I rarely comment.

I have the same problem with little to no comments on my blog as well. I can check the numbers on how many people are reading my blog, and the number of readers vs the number of commenters is 200:1.

It doesn't mean they don't appreciate it, it's just that have nothing to say.

LauraJ said...

What Mike said. And an untold number of us read it on an RSS feed, which makes commenting marginally more difficult.

How about something with nice warm colors? I got another foot of snow yesterday and I am tired of it. Except for the siskins and the redpolls.

And the cry of pileated is resounding a lot, which is a comfort.

Mary said...

I am still reading, certainly. (And I do usually read through an RSS feed, as LauraJ said.)

There is a different blogger, who shall remain nameless, whose blog I read because she seems like a funny and likable person. But once a week she posts her art... And I was shaking my head as I clicked through this last time and looked at the picture. "Really, it's not that I dislike art blogs" I found myself thinking. "But she's no Pyracantha."

emikk said...

I'm viewing on a daily basis, usually I don't have a comment because of mental poverty for the most part. But I have a question for you, if you don't mind, and that is "how do you scan in oversize (bigger than 8.5"x11") pictures?" such as your signs?

also, if I didn't keep up with your blog I wouldn't have a clue what's happening in the Noantri world! as well as the great art!