Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vintage Mango Chunks

I started working at Trader Joe's in October of 2003. It sounds like yesterday, but it is five and a half years ago, and feels like a long time, even though perhaps it shouldn't, if you know what I mean.

Back in those days there was room and time enough to make small pictorial signs advertising single products, without even having to add the price. I worked in smeary water-based markers (now I never use them, only waterproof dye or acrylic markers) and I had a lot more leeway in what I said and how I used pictorial elements. My "Mango Chunks" was one of my first of these ads, and is still one of my favorites. I created an ideal, peaceful, sunlit beach-resort atmosphere, kind of like the original concept for Trader Joe's itself. Original is about 8" x 5".

Speaking of time spans, today March 19th is the first anniversary of this Blog. That is sometimes known cutely as a "blogiversary." I have tried to put up a picture every day and will continue to do so, though I may miss a day here and there. I'm glad people are now leaving comments. 

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emikk said...

Happy first bloggiversary!