Monday, March 23, 2009

Forest Tourists

Longtime readers of this Weblog will remember my series of "Dodson Doodles," which were done with simple crayon pens. I am revisiting the concept of very fast design these days, sometimes out of necessity (Omigod I gotta have something half-decent to post on "Art By-Products!") and sometimes out of desire to get a design concept quickly without working too hard, i.e. art laziness. But I am also interested in what happens when I really do limit myself to a minute for a tiny sketch. And there's a way to color these things in Photoshop which is very quick and convenient, but is seriously uncouth by fancy Digital Art standards. It's OK for doodles though. (Photoshop geeks: Add color directly to the original drawing by clicking either the "Bucket Fill" or the "Magic Wand" on an enclosed space.) 

This one above took all of 3 minutes to draw and about 20 minutes to color. I wanted a design that was reminiscent of Paul Klee, that is, "Klee-ful." I found myself making a vaguely cute ecological statement about people and forests. These drawings are kind of fun to do. I am also interested in telling a "story" just with abstract shapes and frames and only one or two words. Stay tooned.


emikk said...

Hey! What's wrong with bucketfill? What's wrong with being lazy? What's wrong with not knowing anything about Photoshop and having to use Microsoft Paint? LOL

Tristan Alexander said...

OK, weird stuff. This starts to get me thinking of bad artists who really can't draw. Not saying you are one cause I know better. But this style is not a fav of mine.
Oh, and the weird word I have to type in to post is very discriminatory towards dislexics! Hard to read!

Pyracantha said...

Eccchh: Photoshop demands that you abase yourself and worship it before it will work for you. If you like that sort of thing, then Photoshop is your program.

Tristan: The audience has spoken! Thanks for your honest comments. As for the little word you have to recognize, it's called a "captcha" and each one is different. It's meant to be something a spam machine can't read, only a bio-human. I guess machines can't be dyslexic.