Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back from Balticon

I'm back from Balticon! I sold two pictures to my best collectors. I sold "Gold Wing," and also "Inequalities." These are visible on my "Quality Art Product" blog. It was great to see the real live fellow blogger Tristan Alexander along with the originals of some of the fine creatures he has posted on his "Weble." I also sold 4 copies of my Noantri architecture booklet, which you have seen images from here. Now I am inspired to do more art. Maybe some winged kittens, scantily clad babes, or perhaps a smiling dragon or two.
The drawing above shows a fan who has been adapted for life on a heavy gravity planet.


Tristan Alexander said...

It was nice to see you at Balticon allso! So, how much is a copy of your Archetecture book?

Pyracantha said...

Tristan: My architecture book is $30. At this point sorry I can't trade it for art because they were expensive to print.

Tristan Alexander said...

Pyra, I understand the not being able to trade it. Was this printed by Endevour or someone else? And I will at some point have to buy one anyway.