Thursday, May 28, 2009

Retro Fresh Fruit

You can buy fruit that's already peeled and cut at Trader Joe's, since your hectic crazy lifestyle doesn't even give you time to buy fruit in its original state and cut it up. I always wanted a hectic crazy lifestyle. It's a mark of honor in this American society. It means that your services are wanted and that you are not unemployed. The trouble is, a hectic crazy lifestyle is not good for your health, no matter how much fruit you eat. 

I always feel guilty about buying and consuming pre-made dinners and other prepared foods. Along with the need to be busy and productive every waking moment, there is a counter-pressure to make home-made, healthy, slow-cooked food out of natural, premium, vegetable and fiber-rich ingredients. I fail to do either. I am not busy every waking moment, since I spend way too much time looking at trivial things online. And I don't cook my own vegan all organic virtuous cuisine. I am not a vegetarian. I eat stuff that comes out of cans. I don't like cooking. Kind of ironic (if not iconic) for someone who works in a gourmet store. 

This colorful sign, about two feet wide, was my day's effort. It is shown against the rough cedar walls of the store before it was put up in the refrigerated section. It's the, uh, fruit of my labor.

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