Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fragmented Universe

This is a new painting in my "high-end gallery" line, so really it's an authentic Art Product, but I'm featuring it on the By-Product as well as on "Quality Art Product," my art blog at pyracantha.com. Its title is "Fragments of an Alternate Universe," and it is acrylic on primed Masonite, 12" x 16". It is an experiment in using bright yellow with dark blue and black. The idea here is that the dark blue, light blue, and black as well as the brown areas are all fragments of another universe, which can only be seen against the background of the bright yellow which would represent an energy field or the surface of a star or some other exotic physics phenomenon. There may be other universes, but they may be completely unreachable. In my concept, there is a connection, but the information about the other universe comes to the experimenter or viewer only in fragments, where all times of day and night, as well as landforms, atmosphere, and starry sky, are visible at the same time.


Tristan Alexander said...

As much as I normally dislike abstracts, your stuff is great! I guess I see intent, form and control in these. They also have some naturalistic elements that work for me. Nice work.

emikk said...

looks good! ....but did you change your pre determined colors for year 2009?

Pyracantha said...

Thanks Tristan!
Emikk: These are still the 2009 colors. Black, bright yellow, and purple here represented by dark blue, close enough.
I hope someone buys this picture.