Saturday, May 30, 2009

Self Portrait Doodle as Fountain

It's my blog, and I can doodle if I want to. If you want High Quality Serious Art by me, then please go to "Quality Art Product" at There has to be a place and a notebook where I don't have to be a serious artist. Today I was virtuous and did a lot of tedious household tasks. It was rainy with lots of thunder. I have been sick of living where I am living for at least 10 years. I would like to have a place where I have my own laundry machines. I would like to live in a place which is somewhat less crowded. In order to have a place where I have my own laundry machines and more space, many conditions have to be fulfilled, most of them having to do with "having more money." As an artist, this is unlikely to happen. Artists who make good money from their art and who are not academic teachers (which I really don't want to do...) are as rare as pop musicians who make good money from their songs, or young street basketball guys who make it to the NBA. Since this is true, is it futile to even try? I am collecting work which I am going to try to offer to a gallery. At least I got it out of my closet and am looking at it, rather than hiding it. Quality Art Product was hidden in my closet. Now it's time to fold the laundry. Thank you for your support.

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emikk said...

We're all hangin' out a the desperation bar together. Can I buy you a drink or a load of laundry?