Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hotel Grounds

I came early to the Balticon hotel to avoid Memorial Day weekend traffic. Thus I had some time to just sit and draw whatever was in front of me. Friday weather was idyllic so I was able to sit out on a bench in the protected courtyard of the Hunt Valley Marriott and sketch in my chic expensive Moleskine sketchbook. I don't use this sketchbook unless I am sure I am going to do a good drawing. This was a grassy area near the deserted tennis court. Birds were chirping and there was only one person in the place besides me, a fangirl sitting on another bench, reading some thick fantasy book, unaware of the outdoors. Fans don't go outdoors much. There have been conventions where I haven't left the hotel for the entire weekend, but not recently. My room was rather isolated from the rest of the hotel and I felt like I was somehow in a resort, at least until I returned to the main exhibit and event rooms which were packed with fans who had not seen the sun since 1998.

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