Sunday, May 10, 2009

Virtual Italian Sketch

I drew this to test out some spiffy new Japanese drawing pens which are loaded with brown gel ink, rather than messy conventional ink. I chose to draw a section of an Italian island village near Capri called "Marina della Corricella." I love Mediterranean architecture, especially the closely fitted together towns on steep hills where the terrace of one apartment is the rooftop of another. This was drawn from a photograph in a glossy tourist book, so it is inauthentic. I would love to visit Marina della Corricella in person to do some "authentic" on-site drawings, but I don't have the funds or any other logistical resources to get me there for a decent drawing stay. Maybe someday, I can dream. My neighborhood's architecture is so boring and banal that I don't want to draw it. There is not a rooftop terrace in sight. 

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