Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Big Can

"The Big Can" is what this picture ended up being called, even though it originally had another title which I have forgotten. It's my attempt at doing a "realistic" space hardware picture. It depicts two joyriding space sports vehicles zipping and playing around a large piece of space junk.

This piece was a big failure in exhibitions. For some reason, people laughed at it. I couldn't sell it even for pennies. I ended up giving it to a friend in the Baltimore area, but who knows where it is now, since he's moved so many times in the years since I gave it to him.

"The Big Can" is acrylic on illustration board, 16" x 20", August 1988.

1 comment:

Tristan Alexander said...

The only reason I can see anyone laughing at it is the "Big Can" title! Otherwise I think it i a very good picture. I can't belive it never sold!