Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Gay Superhero

I am now trying to teach myself to do character studies and concept art in Photoshop. This will take a long time, but I might as well keep trying. As you know, I love costumed characters and superheroes. I have a friend who is a comic book artist and is also openly gay. He has designed a number of gay superheroes, positive images of pride for gay comic book readers. One of them is this guy. I found my friend's drawing of him in my collected papers from 1997, and I decided to do a character concept of him in Photoshop for practice.

The costume is part San Francisco leather boy and part Batman. Note the "lambdas" (Greek letter L) on his halter top and embossed into the kneepads of the leg armor. Also note the rainbow "utility belt" and wristlets, containing gadgets which he deploys in combat. The goggles not only contain a virtual reality display but have infra-red vision that allows him to see in the dark. I am not sure about the leg armor, it seems that it would give him mobility problems when jumping or running, but this is fantasy after all.

I can post my own work but I won't post the original art or any names until I get permission from my artist friend. I still have a lot of technical and artistic problems to work out in my Photoshop quest, not to mention that my drawings of people and faces still suck. But at least I'm trying to improve.


Tristan Alexander said...

OMG he so like, 1997! LOL, I was shocked for a minute and thought you had posted something male and naughty (not that I don't have proof you DO that).

Anonymous said...
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Tristan Alexander said...

gee, a deleated comment...wonder what it said?