Monday, February 22, 2010

Techno-mage at 60

The techno-mage (or in my own parlance, "nouergist") Tanheu Afboureh-Souteth turns 60 later this year, and this is a new portrait I've made of him. He continues to serve as the director of the Nouergic Institute of Surakosai. He is also active as a consulting physicist at the new Institute of Advanced Studies which recently opened in the seaside town of Eloro, some kilometers south of Surakosai.

He is still active in research, investigating nouergic aspects of cosmology and dark energy, and has recently gone on a geographic exploration mission to the southern continent of Wairuna.

This image comes to you from my world of Noantri. Photoshop color over a pencil drawing, February 2010.


Tristan Alexander said...

So when will they make the movie and who would you like to see play the various characters from your story/world? He just reminds me of some actor but I can't quite figure out who.

Pyracantha said...

Hah...a Noantri movie would be rather like one of those European art films where people say incomprehensible things to each other while wandering around some modernist villa and its formal garden grounds.

Tanheu's image was gathered from many sources but the actor you mention might be Lou Diamond Phillips who was one of my inspirations, also Keanu Reeves.