Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bridge Over the Stars

In my new residences I assembled my airbrush and continued as usual. I made series of space pieces which I would sell at conventions I regularly attended. My move to the Mid-Atlantic region gave me easy access to science fiction conventions that had lots of collectors, such as Baltimore's Balticon, the DC area's "DisClave," and cons farther south such as Chattacon in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I made contacts among Southern fans and sold pictures in Georgia and Florida as well. All of this happened during the early 1990s. I was by then doing only free lance art; I left the architectural art company in about 1990, because I was very unhappy working full time without any time for my art. I continued to do architectural renderings for private clients.

"Bridge Over the Stars" is acrylic on illustration board, 10" x 7", February 1990.

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