Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blue Ridge Evening with Bedbugs

On my way south I chose an old mid-century motel, not a big-brand deal, with a grand view of the Blue Ridge, which I drew here in the evening. Later on in the motel I lay down on the bed to relax and within two hours had discovered to my horror that the bed was infested by bedbugs which had bitten me many times on my neck and arms. I hurriedly packed my stuff, went to the management and told them about the bugs. They gave me my money back but were indifferent to the bug menace. I cleared out of that bug-ridden place late at night in pouring rain and drove another 25 miles before I found another hotel (this time a big chain place) that was bug-free. I was not only horrified but terribly ashamed that I had had to deal with these filthy bugs. I tried as much as I could not to bring any bugs with me and I hope that I didn't contaminate anything. I left the bug-exposed clothing in the car. After that night I didn't see any more bedbugs but I closely inspected every place I stayed lest I find more of them. I suffered badly from the itching and pain of the bites and only allergy pills relieved the itching and the reaction.

I strongly recommend that anyone who travels inspect their bed in any lodging for these pests. This is the second time I have found bedbugs in a hotel room this year, including some in a well-known chain. This pestilence is now common even in expensive places. The management will lie to you that there are no bugs or tell you that you brought them with you, and they may not be taking any action against them.

I didn't let the bug bites deter me from making art or drinking wine, but the shame and the humiliation remain.


LauraJ said...

Publish the names of the places with bedbugs, call the Better Business Bureaus, and the public health dep't of their cities or counties or states. (Don't take this lying down...)

Rae Trigg said...

You aren't the one who should be humiliated and ashamed - the hotel should be. I agree with Laura: report them.

Tristan Alexander said...

Lovely picture, but I don't see any bugs in it!

Pyracantha said...

Laura and Rae:
I am afraid that if I make a public complaint about this establishment, they will find out somehow and take revenge on me, perhaps sue me or something. There is a website where you can post "reviews" of hotels and inns, and this place got lots of good reviews, but if I told the truth about this place they would find out who I was and I would be in trouble.

Tristan: You (or your vampire persona) should feel a kinship with bedbugs because they, too are blood-suckers!