Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weather in Wytheville

The weather was unstable during most of my trip, with rain showers almost every day. The grey weather took the shining gold-green color out of the August vegetation but I didn't mind, I had a softer range to work with. This is a study of the Blue Ridge from Wytheville (pronounced "With-ville") which I did while sitting on my car's tailgate in a hotel parking lot. Drawing is about 7" x 3".

I love doing landscape art, but there seems to be an ironclad painting consensus that the only proper landscape paintings are those that are done "plein air" that is, on site. I visited galleries full of nice landscapes, all of them done outdoors. I was told that one artist was so committed to getting the proper viewpoint that he donned hip waders like a fly fisherman and took his painting easel out into a river! If I followed this rule and never used photographs, then these would be the only landscapes you would get from me, since I am just too lazy to schlep a whole acrylic painting kit and easel outside. Not to mention the damned yellowjackets. I have to get back to doing other types of artwork anyway.

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