Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Orange Line Sign

This is a sign for Trader Joe's. It will go on one of the nine register counters to tell customers that it is open for business. The back side of the sign will say, "Closed." The sign will be mounted so it can flip up to signify closed register, and then down to say "Open." I am not quite sure what the engineering is going to look like, but I think the sign will be mounted (from the top) with a door hinge.

You haven't seen much Trader Joe's work from me this year, and that's because I haven't produced very much. I have been shifted to cash register work for part of my shift, and have worked almost entirely on smaller signs such as template price tags. I have only recently been assigned larger and more permanent signs. The reasons for this are complex but I hope that I continue to work on pictorial signs. The manager has requested that these open/closed signs show familiar landmarks and features of our area. One important thing here is the Metro train, the "Orange Line," which goes from Fairfax County into Washington DC and Maryland. So the Metro is on the sign. I have also depicted memorable buildings in the area. The style is a bit looser than what I am used to, but it is not in a gallery, it's under a sales counter at about stomach level.

"Metro Open" is acrylic and other media on a wooden plaque, about 12" x 8".

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