Friday, August 6, 2010

The Tree Monster

And now for something completely different. Some of my young co-workers are gamers and fantasy fans. I sometimes get into discussions of gaming and fantasy worlds with them. Over the years I've shown my fantasy art to co-workers and I have told them about my current project to re-claim my work as a professional fantasy/science fiction illustrator. Character illustration will be an important part of my illustration work. I asked the gamers whether they had any characters which I could illustrate. This is one of them.

According to the game scenario, the Tree Monster, a spirit of evil and twisted nature, was imprisoned under the earth by the faerie folk, who then felt safe living a life of sweetness and light in a purified Natural world. But the Tree Monster, after ages underground, escaped and rampaged through the Faerie world, filled with anger and revenge, attacking and killing the pretty creatures who had buried him alive. Here he is with one of his victims in his hand, her broken wings drifting away to the ground.

"Tree Monster" is Photoshop CS4, 700 x 1000 pixels, August 6, 2010.

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Mike said...

Very interesting. I like how it's wearing the bark as armour.