Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boring Waiting Room

Waiting for my car to finish undergoing regular maintenance, I'm drawing in the lounge of the Honda dealership. They have a cafe in the lounge which serves soft drinks, coffee, and snacks. They have two
flat screen TV's. They have wi fi. They have a little walled-off area for kids to play in, thankfully empty while I was there. As car waiting rooms go, this one is quite luxurious. I did a drawing in it, and then a crossword puzzle, and then my car was ready. This is exciting urban sketching!

Pitt black pen on sketchbook page, 8" x 6".


emikk said...

Wow, it's already Aug 7th where you are. We must be living parallel lives because I was waiting at a automotive dealership as well today - Aug 6 - ...although i didn't draw my experience...ended up walking instead.

Chandler N. said...

In a world where one is lucky if there is a working vending machine in those places, that waiting room almost sounds too good to be true. :D