Saturday, August 28, 2010

Surakosai Sketch

Surakosai, in my NoantriWorld. Some have nicknamed it the "City of Crystal," others the "City of Reason." It's on the eastern coast of Trinacria, what is now Sicily. The city is a center for business, imports and exports, high tech development, and increasingly, tourism. The waterfront was originally a fishing village, and then an industrial area, but now after 200 years, it is adapted for entertainment and tourism. The large bubble-like thing you see to the left is the Convention Center, and the high building to its right is the 100-story "Tananoantri Tower," the tallest building in Noantriworld. The three green buildings to the right of the image are "Aquamarine Place," historic architecture by the nouergist architect Apsou-Ari. In the hills in back, you can see a number of mansions as well as the Nouergic Institute, which is the highest building on the slope.

This is a very rough sketch and not meant to be anywhere near a proper illustration. Photoshop, about 3 3/4 inches by 2 inches.

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Mary said...

1.) Maybe this isn't meant to be a proper illustration, but I love the semi-abstract style, the sort of digitized blocky impressionism.

2.) It strongly reminds me of Tacoma, Washington, where I went to college. Tacoma has its own waterfront dome. You can see the similarity in this picture I think, even though it's not taken from the same off-shore view as yours. Makes me all nostalgic.