Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cambridge Memories

This is from my 1984 sketchbook. During that year I did on-site sketches of my urban environment in Cambridge, Massachusetts in a black book-bound sketch book. I did the original drawing in brown ink Rapidograph pen, and colored them in with watercolor pencils. Then I took them home to the studio, wet them down, and added what color was necessary in watercolor. This was on thin paper and it warped in the book but I used it anyway. Some of it has yellowed over the years as you can see from the impressions of warping and yellowing in this image. I would like to do more on-site sketches like this. Sometimes I do and you see them here.

I look back on my years in Cambridge as somewhat idyllic but the truth is that I was constantly troubled and depressed. I had more time to be troubled and depressed as for most of those years I didn't have a day job. I was working as a professional free lance illustrator but that didn't bring much money in.

I would draw anything as long as it was in my neighborhood. This is a corner about half a block from my house. The view you see has been obliterated. There is now a great big fortress-like wall built there, behind which is a massive garage and a science laboratory complex, all belonging to mighty Harvard University.

"Hammond and Gorham Street, 1984" is watercolor and ink on sketchbook paper, about 8" x 10".

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rhh said...

I especially like these kind of sketches. Learning the history behind them is an added bonus.