Monday, August 30, 2010

Wine porch and view

Keswick Vineyards was one of the places I visited on my trip. Their people were exceptionally friendly and hospitable. A black and white cat greeted me as well. The weather was perfect and visitors sat out on the porch and sipped. As with most of these vineyard venues, the hosts set up tables with umbrellas so that you can sit outside if you want. I sat under one of these and drew these two scenes. In between the trees was the Blue Ridge and a slope full of ripening grapes.

If you are a Christian, especially a Catholic Christian, wine is a sacrament. The Bible is filled with references to wine, grapes, and vineyards. Catholics (and Eastern Orthodox as well) believe that Jesus mystically made himself (his blood) into wine. Every time I go to a vineyard, which has been made as beautiful as possible by its owners, I think I'm in a little bit of paradise. This goes for other religions, too. Muslims are prohibited from drinking wine in this world, but the righteous ones in the next world, says the Koran, will be able to drink heavenly wine in beautiful green gardens with water flowing through them. And Christians got much of their wine symbolism from Jewish writings and rituals such as the kiddush cup of blessing. Wine is religious! Therefore I am being spiritual by visiting vineyards.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Ignoring the Religious myth stuff, I like the black and white pic best of the two. I guess it is just becuase you caught so much detail and made so many interesting patterns with what you had to work with.