Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chinoiserie Dragon

I missed a day here due to an Internet failure at blogging time, not that any of you noticed, but blogging here is a serious matter of responsibility from myself to myself signifying that I will not abandon my art or my few good friends, at least under normal circumstances. Well anyway, here's the text I wrote and saved from last night.

"Chinoiserie," which is a French word, means a kind of Chinese-inspired but inauthentic borrowing of design so that Western stuff will look Chinese without really being Chinese. Hence this Chinesian dragon in honor of the New Year, the "Year of the Dragon." In this year I hope to learn how to draw and paint these majestic creatures, both monochrome and in color, all in digital format. I haven't made a color digital dragon yet, but I will pretty soon.

Dragon in Photoshop, "digital ink," is about 8" x 6", January 31, 2012.