Thursday, February 9, 2012

LIttle Posers

One thing which figure art instruction books recommend is drawing tiny sketches of action figures, either in pencil or in "digital pencil." Life drawing sessions usually begin with the model taking 30 second or one minute poses which are best drawn in small gesture drawings. I don't usually have access to live models so I use photographs, but for these gesture drawings I just generated them on my own from scratch and whatever figure drawing skills I have. These are done in Photoshop with my tablet and stylus. I want to draw fantasy figures in wild costumes and action positions, rather than a prosaic art model though I should be drawing live figures constantly. So in order to draw any fantasy figure at all I made them tiny like gesture drawings or the "thumbnail" sketches which concept artists use to start their process. Most of these drawings are not "natural" or well drawn, they are just gestural. I need to draw endless numbers of these as well as proper life studies. The fantasy females don't have the proportions of academic live models. They are more like fashion drawings. This all may sound rather dumb and repetitive but I will not give up until I can knock out fantasy figures, action, and environments in Photoshop like the pro's.

If this bores you, click on the pic to see it a bit larger, and then you may return to your kitten videos and synthesizer demo's.

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