Saturday, February 18, 2012

Despair Girl

In hell there is no wine. All food tastes and feels like tofu or oatmeal. And it is dry, dry, dry. You are endlessly thirsty and your skin is like old paper. If you think Hell is a flaming place full of sexy demons and demonesses, you haven't been there. There is nothing to do in Hell; it is endlessly boring, like being on hold in a blank waiting room forever. But you do hear something: an atmosphere full of sibilant, sinister womens' voices whispering things at you that you just cannot decipher, but sound full of menace. You are consumed by shame for things you don't even remember doing. You are surrounded by the other denizens of Hell but you can't communicate with them, and since you are in Hell, you feel no compassion for any of your fellow sufferers. Let them go to Hell...they're already there.

This figure is from "Art Models 5" and is a study in digital pencil for a larger digital picture that will be from hell.

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