Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coverall Character

If you're out there digging (or painting a picture) in the cold winter environment, you'll need a coverall to keep you warm. This high-fashion attire was copied from the endlessly useful and fascinating Gempler's catalog, which offers everything you would need for your industry or farm. I have been trying, with modest success, to create highly realistic character portraits, some of which you saw here. My style model here is the super-competent concept artist Wesley Burt, who works for the "Massive Black" game and movie art studio. You can see that Burt's character portrait of a similar worker in a coverall is much more lifelike than mine, especially in the face. So far I am no good at doing faces in digital media. I want to achieve the same photo-realistic yet fantastic quality of the digital artists at CGHub, even if I will never have any professional illustration or concept art work. I can make up my own concepts and imaginary worlds too, with or without gunfire, vampires, zombies, and blood splatter.

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